Why are Probulin® Digestive Enzymes Better for You?

Why are Probulin® Digestive Enzymes Better for You?

We offer three primary key differences than other digestive enzyme supplements:

1. We use the completely Non-GMO Hybrid-Zyme™ Technology, which incorporates the MAKPro Enzyme Blend.

This unique blend derives all of its digestive enzyme activity from standard and “Live Probiotic Culture” sources, providing a far more natural approach to digestive enzymes.

2. We use the MAKTrek® Bypass Delivery System.



This unique delivery system uses a sustainably harvested source of seaweed extract ( from Lessonia nigrescens) called a “Complex Marine Polysaccharide”.  This all-natural seaweed extract provides a “chemical free” barrier between the supplemental digestive enzymes and stomach acid.  Stomach acid often destroys most of the enzyme activity commonly used in other digestive enzyme supplements.  The MAKTrek® Bypass delivery system preserves the activity of these valuable digestive enzymes.

3. We intentionally decrease the digestive support provided in breaking down sugar and starch.

We do this because of the abundance of processed, refined and bioengineered carbohydrates in the diet today.  Helping to facilitate the digestion of these toxic carbohydrates may not be healthy at all.  We do however support the digestion of fruits, vegetables, fibers and more through the use of specialized digestive enzymes.