Why Probulin Packs Our Products In Ice

Much has been written about the health benefits of probiotics, like those contained in all Probulin® Probiotic Digestive Products. These are living bacterial cultures that must be consumed alive in order to convey their many health benefits to you, the consumer. But surviving the long journey from the manufacturer to the retailer to you isn’t easy for these organisms. Without proper shipping, storage and handling, these beneficial cultures could easily die in transit, rendering them useless.

thermometer showing very hot temperatureHeat is the chief enemy of probiotic cultures, and temperatures inside a delivery truck can easily reach 150ºF for sustained periods during the 1000-mile journey from factory to distributor. Then the product might sit on a hot loading dock before being shipped in yet another truck to your retailer or your home.

The stress of this journey on the probiotic organisms is extreme, and many of those helpful bacteria die in the process. Some probiotic makers combat this risk by packing their products with 50 billion, 100 billion, or even 200 billion cultures, each with multiple strains. These numbers sound impressive until you account for the massive attrition rate experienced in transit. The thinking is simple: pack the product with 200 billion cultures and maybe 2 million will survive the trip alive.

At Probulin®, we believe we have a better way. Our “Always Ships Cold + Protected” shipping method keeps cultures at life-sustaining temperatures as they make their journey from factory, to retailer, to you—so the probiotic products Probulin® ships arrive alive, with their full health benefits intact.

Probulin® products are packed in ice inside a properly insulated container, keeping the probiotics at a consistent, cool temperature throughout the journey to the health food store or to your home. This is done for other consumables in other industries to ensure freshness—but shipping on ice does add cost, so many manufacturers don’t do it.

So, how does Probulin® keep costs low while delivering more live cultures to you or your retailer? The answer again resides in the numbers. A manufacturer that can assure the arrival of more live cultures doesn’t need to jam-pack their product with additional cultures they know will perish in transit.

At Probulin®, we’ve perfected the ability to transport probiotics in a consistent, cool environment from factory to store shelf using a specialized insulated box that uses recycled blue jean textile waste material. This byproduct has the same R rating as Styrofoam but is biodegradable and environmentally safe! This process saves us money, which saves you money. Because of this process you can rest assured that all Probulin® digestive care products you purchase have been packaged and shipped in a way that best assures their health benefits.